Teapot Racing

Racing Teapots

Teapot racing (Rasio Tebot) is a race for remote-controlled vehicles in the form of a teapot. The race is carried out against the clock or in heats against other vehicles, over an obstacle course.

Barbie races back across the bridge
Copyright © 2017 by Richard Sewell

Our first Teapot Racing event was held on Sunday afternoon at the 2017 Chepstow Winter Festival.

There will be medals!

All welcome! Build your vehicles – bring them along – race!

Don’t have a vehicle? For most events we (hope!) to have a few Ecurie Frugonia teapots available for anyone to drive.

The Rules

Mr Tebot’s Top Tips for Teapot Racing

A teapot. Racing. Tentacles are optional.
Copyright © 2017 by Richard Sewell


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